Some comments I've had the great pleasure in receiving

Darren has been a great coach and a friend, he really got me at a pretty sensitive time and he gave me the space and time I needed, now looking back it was so vital.

Darren makes you look a little bit deeper at yourself but is always there to support you, even when I was about to throw in the towel he made me see what I could do and encouraged me. I know I would not have made it through last year if I hadn’t of had Darren there.

I am so grateful and thankful that I was brave enough to step outside my comfort zone at that time and get in contact with Darren, best choice ever.

I can say you are in safe hands with Coach Darren.  


I would describe Darren as a refreshing light and energy that gently yet purposefully kept bringing me back to my goals and breaking down barriers I had put in my way.  He is incredibly knowledgeable about dietary ideas.

I would recommend Darren to my friends who are facing serious/long-term health issues around weight and healthy eating.  His passion and personal story are inspirational testimony of the human spirit in action!!!  I would also recommend Darren to fellow coaches who needs a positive supporter as they stretch and grow in their new profession.  Darren’s support as a coach and study group leader were off the charts….he leads by example in all he does!!


I would describe Darren as a positive role model who has become a very special friend to me. He is an amazing coach who knows how to get the best out of people so that they can move past their obstacles. The sessions are so relaxed and Darren is so friendly and approachable. Each session with Darren flew by and I always looked forward to my next session. He always gave me small action steps to implement at the end of each session and each of those small steps has added up to me feeling so much better about my abilities to help others.

I would recommend Darren to anyone who wants to improve their health and confidence.


Darren is one of the most compassionate people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. I have a great deal of admiration for how he’s overcome his own personal health issues and through that journey, emerged as a leader in the wellness community.


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