Sugar – sweet, tasty, and evil! This is what we are being lead to believe over the past year or two. “**gasp** You eat sugar? That’s you doomed then!”, this is the kind of attitude that seems to be pushed now by the health crowd (yeah yeah I know I’m in that crowd). I want to offer an alternative way of thinking in this post.

There’s no doubt that over-consumption of sugar is linked to a multitude of health issues from type 2 diabetes to obesity to heart disease and the more understanding we have of this, the more that sugar becomes demonized, and rightly so… to an extent. Apparently, ALL sugar is evil in a way that only Satan himself relates to, but I don’t believe that way of thinking. Naturally occurring sugar such as that found in fruit and veg is wonderful for us because usually, we are eating the flesh, fiber and nutrition of the food too, it’s when we consume the refined/added sugar that things get interesting.

Refined sugar contains no nutrition and it certainly contributes to many health problems. Many health coaches, nutritionists etc will tell you that you should stop taking in ANY of the refined sugar because of how bad it is for us, they berate people for taking in even the smallest amount of the sweet stuff. This is rapidly becoming an obsession and the media is jumping on that wagon which amplifies the problem of guilt and worry. I want to say that I believe we NEED a small amount of sugar to satisfy our mental and emotional requirements. At the end of the day, we are on this planet to enjoy our life and worrying that you’ve just ingested a teaspoon of sugar isn’t going to contribute to that feeling of enjoyment.

The truth is, our body is amazingly resilient, it can take a tremendous amount of dietary abuse and still heal itself, so having a bit of sugar now and again, or having a breakfast cereal that contains a small amount of sugar (maybe the equivalent of 1 teaspoon in a bowl) is fine, it’s acceptable, IT’S OK! Honestly, you’re not going to reduce your lifespan by a couple of decades if you have a small amount of sugar or if you have a large sugar-laden desert now and again. Just make sure your diet is generally healthy and you’ll live a long and vibrant life.

Remember, our emotional health is just as important as our physical health and if that means having a deliciously sweet treat now and again, then go for it, just don’t have excessive amounts, don’t feel guilty and ENJOY IT!

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