Eat healthily - fruit bowlI believe we ALL know how to eat healthily, it’s encoded into our DNA.

So then, why don’t we? I mean, if we all know what we should and shouldn’t eat, and we all hear people saying “I know I shouldn’t have this but…..”. Why do intelligent people find it difficult to eat healthily and live a healthy life? I firmly believe it is the VERY powerful conditioning we receive not just as children, but throughout our lives. Look at the advertising we are surrounded with, look at the TV adverts, adverts magazines, newspapers and billboards. Pretty much everywhere we go we are bombarded with VERY clever advertising that hits us on an emotional level. The latest adverts we are seeing now, especially for fast/junk food, actually rarely mention their own product much, it’s all about linking it to our emotions, our feelings, linking it to old happy memories. It’s a very clever and powerful way to advertise and it drowns out that much quieter voice inside us that tells us “you shouldn’t be eating this” or “don’t eat that, it’s bad for you”. But we CAN break this cycle, this kind of brainwashing and conditioning that tells us that Big Mac and fries meal is a “treat” or a way to pacify the screaming children. Begin to ask yourself a few key questions before you go to buy the food, and be absolutely honest with yourself, really look deep inside yourself….. “do I REALLY need this?”, “is this good for me?”, “if I eat this now, will I honestly feel happy afterwards?”. Have those small conversations with yourself and you’ll be surprised at the answers providing you are truly honest with yourself.

I myself used to be in the same situation, I used to eat all kinds of junk and felt guilty, sad etc afterwards. But I couldn’t help myself, I’d been SO conditioned throughout my life “treat yourself, have a cake…”, “happy birthday, here’s a box of chocolates”. It wasn’t until I began to eat unprocessed, clean and healthy foods that I started to feel differently, I started to actually have more energy, felt lighter, happier and proud of myself. And then, rather than being in an ever decreasing circle, I began being in an ever INCREASING circle, a circle (or cycle) of health, energy, happiness.

If you want to work with me to begin breaking this cycle and achieving the health you desire and deserve, contact me.


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