Why is it important to relax more and reduce stress?

We now live in a fast, 24/7 society, full of worries, stressful jobs etc. If stress is allowed to continue and build without having some way of reducing it, it begins to negatively affect our mental and physical health. It can create an inballance in our body, leading to illness.

I’ve struggled to get back into the gym and eating better since the summer and a car accident almost 2 ½ months ago, but now, after looking within and realising what’s happening, I’ve turned a corner, back to the gym 5 times a week and losing the weight I’ve put on.

Types of stress triggers
Money – not enough
Relationships – not going too well
Career/job – in a job you don’t like
Health – lack of, and the worries associated with that
Time – not enough time to do the things you want (or you THINK there isn’t enough time)

How to relax and reduce stress
Spend time with family/friends
Laugh as much as you can


Have a great week!
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