Alkaline foods are hugely important in helping us maintain a very health body. They can make it much easier for our body to stay in that slightly alkaline state which helps us stay in tip-top condition.

Alkaline Foods
So what’s this malarkey about alkaline foods? Well, if our body can stay in an alkaline state then it’s said to be more oxygen-rich and much more resistant to disease. When our body is in an acidic state it is said to be much more susceptible to disease and illness. The alkaline and acid levels we’re talking about are very small, not too far away from a neutral state (the state of pure water), but those small shifts can make a huge difference to our health.

Foods don’t, in themselves, change the acid/alkaline balance of your body, your body has an amazing collection of systems to regulate the acid/alkaline levels, but, we can certainly assist those systems by adjusting the foods we eat, just like we can stress those systems via the foods we eat. Just like when you’re trying to detoxify your body, the foods themselves don’t directly do the detox, it’s the many systems in our body that does the work, but the foods we consume can assist the body’s detox process or it can overwhelm those systems. The same applies when you’re trying to reduce the acidity in your body.

Lets look at the foods and drinks that can affect our body. coca-cola
There will naturally be some foods that are acidic and some that are alkaline, this is natures way of providing balance, but some foods are much more acidic, and they tend to be the processed and refined foods such as the fast-foods, the carbonated beverages, dairy products. Chocolate (the processed varieties, not natural cacao), sugar and animal products. Of course, there’s a scale as to how much these foods affect the acid levels in our body, the more refined and processed the food is, the more acidic to our body they tend to be.

KaleOn the other side of the coin though are the alkaline foods. These are the foods that themselves provide an alkaline boost and assist the body to stay out of the acidic state and in a much healthier neutral/alkaline state. As a rule of thumb, the best foods to eat are ones in their most natural state, so we’re talking about the fruit and vegetables, especially the dark green veg such as broccoli, kale, spinach etc. Following a more alkaline diet is going to make a huge difference to your health, your body weight will naturally begin drifting down towards your optimal weight and you will naturally become more resistant to disease.

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