Get walking


We all know we need to exercise regularly but you’d be surprised just how little effort we need to get our quota of movement. When many think of exercise to either get healthy or stay healthy, they think of hours spent at the gym, pounding away on the treadmill drenched in sweat. While that is an amazing way to reach then maintain your fitness and health, it’s not necessary. Even if you just spend 20-30 minutes (even 15 minutes when some days you’re short on time will help) on an evening walking or cycling around the area where you live, or if you are a member of a gym, just do that amount of time on the treadmill, bike or cross-trainer and you will be increasing your heart rate even if it’s just by a moderate amount. Add to the mix some weight work either at the gym or if you haven’t got that option, find something at home that has some weight and work with that, anything to improve your muscle mass and you’re doing really well. If you can increase your muscle mass just a bit, you will increase the amount of energy your body needs to function and therefore you’ll naturally burn more calories per hour even at rest.

So get out there, do some walking, use that gym membership (it’s so so easy to allow the membership go to waste, been there done that myself). Couple that with a reduction in processed, fast and take-out foods, increased intake of fresh fruits and veggies, more water intake and you’re doing better than the majority of people around you, you’ll feel better, look better and be healthier.

It takes much less effort that people realize to improve our fitness and health, and small changes here and there will add up to huge change in your long-term health.

Daz 🙂

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